All-Inclusive Law Firm Marketing

The most effective & affordable legal marketing solution on the market

Our premium websites with MarketingBoost+ provides exclusive access to an entire suite of powerful firm-building services. These are the same services that are costing your competitors thousands of dollars each month. In such a competitive online landscape, you need to maximize every last dollar of your marketing budget. We’ll make sure you’re getting the best possible results at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to stretch your budget further and stay a step ahead of the competition! Check out all of our tested and proven marketing services below.

Legal Content Writing

Standard Industry Cost: $250/month (2 articles)

Content marketing is, by far, the most effective way to be found online in 2018. Every time we publish a blog post or article for you, we’re adding a new page to your website, and another opportunity for your prospects to find you online. Our legal content writing is targeted to match the keywords and terms your prospects are searching for when they go online. Not only will this make your firm more visible, but it will also help you gain trust and establish your business as an industry authority.

Our team of seasoned writers is made up of individuals who have had legal training and are current or previously practicing attorneys. This experience combined with exceptional writing skills and in-depth SEO knowledge allows us to create the most effective content in the industry.

Local Search Optimization

Standard Industry Cost: $200/month

Sites that appear on the first page of Google search results get 95% of the traffic. That’s why it’s so important that your website is optimized for great search engine performance. Our expert SEO services, including in-depth keyword research, will help you reach more prospective clients by optimizing all of the pages and content found throughout your website. By combining this with your regularly published, high-quality legal content, we will be able to influence your position in the search rankings and skyrocket you past the competition!

Review Generation Campaigns

Standard Industry Cost: $100/month

71% of people trust online reviews more than recommendations from friends or family. That means a lack of good reviews, or a single bad one, can be the difference between the phone ringing off the hook and silently staring at an empty inbox. Control your firms reputation by increasing your online reviews on all of the major websites that matter, while preventing negative reviews before they ever get submitted! Our marketing team will build custom outreach campaigns to get your best clients telling the world about their amazing experience.

Social Media Publishing

Standard Industry Cost: $100/month

Our professional social media marketing services will help extend your reach far beyond your website. Every time we publish a new blog post or article for you, we will share it across all of your social platforms. This allows you to be a leading voice and trusted industry resource for your potential and existing clients. We’ll help you expand your digital footprint by sharing your content, increasing your contacts and attracting more leads.

Analytics & Call Tracking

Standard Industry Cost: $50/month

Unlike most agencies, we won’t leave you out to dry once we’ve signed you on as a customer. We know how important it is to market your firm and we want you to see what we’re doing to get you results. Each month you’ll get a detailed report with the previous month’s statistics. This valuable data lets you see precisely how your website is performing and where you can focus your efforts moving forward.

Unlimited Changes, Support & Maintenance

Standard Industry Cost: $75/hour

Your website is likely the first place a prospective client will look to find out more about your law firm or legal services. Having incorrect or outdated information can not only cost you a client, but it’s also a poor representation of your business. That why our unlimited support is an extremely valuable tool to have at your disposal.

The days of playing phone tag with unresponsive “web guys” are over. No more back and forth, lengthy proposals, confusing invoices or costly misunderstandings. Simply submit a request through our website and it’ll be processed within 3 business days, saving you time, money and aggravation.

MarketingBoost+ provides you with everything you need to scale without ever lifting a finger. Get all of these powerful, proven services included with your Premium Website, Hosting and Security for one low price of just


per month